The first step to being productive #2

The first step to being productive #2
There are a number of ways you can use color as an advantage.

When working in high-stress situations such as difficult conversations or urgent phone calls, it's helpful to have low wavelength colors around like blue and green which will help bring calmness into your day while improving efficiency and focus at the same time! If deep creative thought is what usually stimulates creativity within yourself then yellow may just do its job better than any other hue because research shows this particular light produces more optimistic feelings along with increased task performance when compared against red lamps used for work tasks--perfect if we all need some boost sometimes :)

Distracting windows

We all love a beautiful view, but in the workspace they are almost always an invitation for distraction and daydreaming  As one designer memorably told me "Windows belong above our kitchen sink." In my own office I have arranged most seating turned away from these glass walls which face eastward with plenty deep focus given by ample light coming through them at just enough time before sunset or sunrise so that it doesn’t interfere too much during working hours -

The creative process is about so much more than work

it's an opportunity for everyone in your company to share their thoughts and observations. Nothing gives you something new or interesting at the same time as great art on our walls does, especially if they're constantly changing with each telling of stories by different artists! Curate workspace that looks like a gallery; keep works rotating throughout offices (especially ones seen most often) because this helps people engage deeply not only while looking but also during discussions later down line which can lead them into novel ideas too." The key here isn't just having "something" valuable-it needs personal meaning.